Ski Racing

The ultimate level of skiing!

Absolute Alpine Racing Trainings and Camps offer a high quality training for athletes from across the globe. Whether at the start of your career or as an active ski racer, we offer you training suited to your personal needs with our certified Absolute Alpine coaches.
The training programme shall be evaluated on a daily basis, depending on the athletes needs, climate and surrounding factors.
The main focus of race training is on the technical skills. Introduction and the perfection of gate training as well as the analysis of the initiation and completion of the turn, the proper preparation for competition, a useful course inspection, the right ski preparation and exact video analysis.

 Private training

  • Race training for children
  • Race training for adults
  • Personalised and flexible training Start and meeting times suited to your needs – only on full race day
  • Special offers for family and friends

Group training

  • Race training/camps for children
  • Race training/camps for adults
  • Fixed times and meeting points (with exceptions)
  • Small groups

Special camp for companies:

You wish to present your colleagues or clients an unforgettable experience? We
can make it happen, and can orientate our camps to your personal wishes.